Year 7 - 13

John Paul College has a holistic approach to educating students from Years 7 to 13, by offering a comprehensive academic curriculum under the leadership of Mr Peter Sinclair (Deputy Principal Curriculum) and co-curricular program designed to meet the individual needs of students and to foster their individual development.



Years 7 - 8

The journey begins with the Year 7 program designed to transition students smoothly from their Primary years into Secondary School. The curriculum is presented in a way that delivers relevant content for the learner while preparing them for more specialised study in their later years of Senior School. English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Studies are a focus however, students have opportunities to further explore their individual interest areas through a range of electives.


Years 9 - 10

The Year 9 - 10 program is designed to prepare students for the pathway options through Years 11 - 13 and to provide the opportunity for students to: learn through a wide variety of subject choices; investigate course options for Years 11 - 13 and excel in areas of strength and consolidate learning in areas of weakness.


Years 11 - 13

John Paul College students choose from a range of Year 11 and 13 pathways in order to achieve NCEA. Students take Religious Education and then choose five other subjects from a wide range of subjects. Although English is not compulsory at Year 13, students intending to go on to University must meet Literacy requirements in Reading and Writing to gain entry to University. Some University courses require high levels of English achievement. Students also participate in a recreational programme at this level. The New Zealand Scholarship Examination is available to students in most subject areas.